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Things to Do When Moving into Your New Home

Moving to a new house can be overwhelming, exhausting, and nerve-wracking. There are a lot of things that you need to do, and one wrong move can be a recipe for disaster. Don’t make it too hard on yourself because moving into your new house also means the start of a new life. The memories you make starting on that day should be fond ones and nothing that includes any negativities.


To help streamline your moving-in process, here’s a checklist of what you need to do.

Have some cash on you – People normally use their debit or credit card when they pay the moving company along with other expenses, but you should know that cash is king especially under certain circumstances. You may need to have some with you so that you can use it to tip people, and if there are instances where card payments aren’t accepted.

Change the locks – There’s no way of telling how many strangers have access to your new home - especially if some spare keys were handed out by the previous owner/s. But if you're transferring, make sure that these locks are changed as soon as a new owner moves in. If not, make sure to call a locksmith right away and get those locks changed. If some deadbolts are missing, have it installed for added security. This is one way of ensuring that only you and your family can access your new home.

Turn on the utilities – Since you’re the new owner of the house, notify utility companies to transfer electrical, gas, sewer, trash, and water into your name. You can also get the information from the previous owner so it’s best to talk to them about this concern days before you move in. If ever something's wrong with certain utilities, you can seek out professional help from guys like Kerrisdale Roofing since they are capable of handling such tasks.

Inspect the floors - Are the floors clean enough or does it need some revamping? If that is the case, there's no doubt you'll need the help of Curlys Carpet Repair for this one. With a professional's help, your floors are going to be looking like brand new!

Install a security system – To achieve peace of mind in your new home, have a home security system installed. If the house already has the equipment installed, it won’t take long to call the security company and active the system. There are also systems that comes with security alarms that can be activated when you are home at night, which is beneficial for anyone living on their own. Make sure to use strong security codes so that not anyone can easily guess it.

Establish internet – If your security systems include cameras then chances are, they’re connected to the internet. This means that you must establish a good internet connection to let the cameras do their purpose. There is also other equipment from security systems that requires internet so make sure to just have it installed right away.

Order food and drinks – Some people prefer to pack their own snacks during moving day. There are also those who would include the movers and other friends who helped in the process as well. Just take note that during the moving day is not the best time to cook and prepare the foods since you’ll be busy throughout the day. If you haven’t prepared some beforehand, you can order some takeout on the restaurants nearby. That way, it will be less time consuming and you won’t be overwhelmed by the other tasks.

Meet the neighbors – Some people feel obliged to bring in meals or snacks to welcome their new neighbors. But if you happen to spot some of them eyeing you as you’re unloading the boxes, invite them over. Not everyone has the courage to walk over right away and introduce themselves since they’ll feel like they’re intruding. So, it’s your time to do this part and make a special effort in remembering all their names.

Inspect roof durability - When moving into a new home, make sure that the roof didn't degrade that much over time. With that in mind, have it inspected by someone like the guys specializing in roofing in Surrey (CCR&D) because of their good reputation. This will help prevent any leakage from your roof as you move in.

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